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Author Topic: RAIDERFORUM MOVIE/DVD REVIEWS  (Read 80569 times)


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« Reply #390 on: August 07, 2016, 09:34:48 AM »

Any one see Suicide Squad??

As I walk through the valley of The Shadow of Death. I have NO fear because I am the meanest motherfucker in  the whole valley!!! HOORAH!


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« Reply #391 on: March 17, 2018, 02:13:53 PM »


   Just saw this and can't recommend it enough, even if you are not a fan of punk music like myself, this is an extraordinary documentary/story about the life and times of 3 Black brothers from detroit who pressed an album in 1975, and who have recently seen a resurgence in thier music 30 years later.
   Three black brothers from the heart of Detriot and at the height of Mo-town have thier father introduce them to the beatles on the ed sullivan show for the first time. He always encouraged them to be diverse in listening to all types of music. They originally formed a funk band but shortly after seeing the Who in concert, and later Alice Cooper the older brother David convinced them to play rock music. Unexpectedly thier father died while trying to rush a coworker to the hospital by another driver who hit them. This is when David, the oldest and visionary decided to call thier band death, in a spiritual sense.
   The documentary goes through thier early years when they lost a record deal for refusing to compromise, well david did, to change thier name. David the eldest was the visionary from the start, deciding the style, logo, and writing most of the music. Soon after spending time in Vermont David ventured home while the two brothers remained in Vt to form a christian funk band. Years later David knowing his time was short, handed over the original demo tapes to his brother, saying to put them in a safe place, someday the world will come looking for the death tapes. He eventually dies of lung cancer, 2000, never getting to see the resurrection of his music in the underground scene, as the world did come looking for the death tapes to be re-released finding the two other brothers the fame and recoginition they never recieved 30 years ago.
   This is really a tear jerker of sorts, David was the heart and soul, a visionary of music way ahead of his time. If you listen to the music from the 75 release "for the world to see" you can definitely hear the beginnings of punk music to the likes of butthole surfers, dead kennedys, bad brains, and the likes way before thier time. It was sad not to see david get his dues, but he died always knowing how great his music was. Got a 94 on rotten tomatoes i believe and high marks on IMDB. High recommend for fans of the music field. You cant help but cheer and relish in their recent success.
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