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Author Topic: David Ortiz begged doctors: ‘Please don’t let me die, I am a good man’  (Read 34 times)


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The David Ortiz shooting was reportedly caught on surveillance video — with the suspected gunman hopping off a motorcycle and pumping a single bullet into the baseball star’s back and through his stomach, according to officials.

“Please don’t let me die, I am a good man,” Ortiz cried out after being brought to a local hospital.

Dominican journalist Dionisio Soldevila tweeted out the former Red Sox player’s desperate plea on Sunday night after speaking with his doctors, who reportedly relayed it to him.

“The doctor in emergency says [Ortiz was] shot between the left side of the lower back and left through the abdomen,” Soldevila tweeted in Spanish.

Ortiz’s father and brother were providing updates on the 43-year-old’s condition and said he was expected to survive. He underwent surgery Sunday night at a local medical center, according to reports.

“Big Papi will be around for a long time,” said Leo Ortiz, the slugger’s father.

Authorities have made multiple arrests, including a suspect named Eddy Feliz Garcia — who reportedly was beaten by a group of bystanders after the shooting. A photo posted on Twitter by Soldevila showed the bloody aftermath.

Ortiz’s shooter can be seen in surveillance video — posted online by local news station CDN 37 — opening fire on the 10-time All-Star and three-time World Series champ as he sits in an outside bar area of a club in Santo Domingo. Patrons and workers can be seen hitting the deck as Ortiz hunches back in his chair.

“He’s doing better,” the director of the Dominican Republic National Police, Ney Aldrin Bautista Almonte, said at the hospital. “He’s improving.”

The former ballplayer appeared to be the victim of a targeted attack — with the shooter getting off his motorcycle and walking right at him before opening fire at nearly point-blank range — but police said they could not speculate on a motive.

Local media reported that a Dominican TV host, Jhoel Lopez, was with Ortiz on Sunday night and was also hit by a bullet. He was expected to be okay as well.

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I like Big Papi!!

Seems like a stand up dude.

Very respected among the ball players.

Prayers up bro!

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Cmon Big Papi!  I was in Boston at the Sox game when he retired.  They love him over there!
I guess I should come up with a new sig now...
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