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Guys, I have been thinking about this all morning. And I think I have been looking at things all wrong. All Wrong!!!

We have a Forum member in Crisis. This year has broken one of us. Our Friend VA needs our support. And I for one am going to offer that support. No more confrontation. We as a group need to do our part. We need to ask ourselves what we can do to help V. This thread will serve as my contribution. I ask all of you to follow these simple rules when here. No confrontation.

V, come on in and vent. When we are being assholes. When we are not understanding what you are saying. When you feel the rage and the hate building up. Come here and vent. Here, we will not disagree with you. Here we will admit our shortcomings and come clean. We will be the calming influence that you need.

Unfortunately from the internet standpoint this is what I can offer. But I want you to release all this hate. It's tearing you up brotha. It can be felt in every post. Please, come in and accept this olive branch.



And then heal.

Your a valued member and we are here for you.




Lol... Tibs you crack me up  ;D


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