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Don't Blame The Immigrants


For taking your fucking jobs..........

Holy Toledo!!!:
Can we blame them for your spelling?  ;) you think these idiots are fighting for $15/hour?  a $15 Big Mac?  Both?

Not the fucking grammar police?


Yoo kan suk mi kok  ;)

How Ironic.

Report: ICE Spokesman Quit Over Officials’ Inflated Numbers

A spokesman for Immagration and Customs Enforcement in San Francisco has reportedly resigned after growing frustrated with misleading statements made by President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions on a recent raid. ICE confirmed on Monday that the spokesman, James Schwab, had recently stepped down, but it offered no details on his departure. A source cited by the San Francisco Chronicle, however, said Schwab had left the agency because he became fed up with having to echo statements made by the White House on last month’s immigration sweep in Northern California—statements he believes are inaccurate. Immigration officials have complained that many undocumented immigrants were able to evade arrest during the raids thanks to a warning from Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, a proponent of sanctuary city policies. While ICE gave no specific number on how many escaped arrest, Sessions said last week that “800 arrests” were thwarted because of Schaaf’s tip-off, while Trump said ICE had been closing in on “1,000 people.” Schaab reportedly wanted the agency to correct the figure, which he maintained was much lower.


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