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Raider Gridiron / Derek Carr Currently On Right Side Of NFL Change
« on: December 14, 2018, 08:16:10 PM »
 by Will Tyrrell
December 14, 2018

The National Football League evolves faster than people may like to believe.

Two years ago, the Bears traded up one spot to grab Mitch Trubisky at number two overall. They are now on their way to the playoffs.

Three years ago, we argued who was going to be the better of the two between Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston. You could argue if you want, but both quarterbacks have been underwhelming and no one would blame either team from moving on.

Two years ago, Derek Carr was the MVP candidate and some fans may consider him underwhelming.

Carr’s past two games have provided some optimism this team didn’t have two weeks ago.

The next three games against, The Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs can provide even more optimism going forward.

The last two weeks, he was top 10 among all quarterbacks in QBR, 123.2 122.4, and passing yards, 285 and 322.

His most notable highlight was his game winning drive against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

It finally seems to look like Carr is fitting into Gruden’s offense.

Carr was asked by reporters on Wednesday how his comfort has grown and what he sees going forward.

“To know that we’ve come so far in such a difficult offense to learn, mentally to play in, but once you see it start to work it’s kind of like this beautiful art piece,” Carr said. “You see it – a little bit of chaos in the beginning – and then at the end you’re like, ‘Oh, that looks pretty nice.’ It feels like that, it feels like it could be that. But, none of that matters unless everyone continues to work how we’ve been working and taking care of business on and off the field. Because if we can do that and get the right people doing that, this thing could look really nice.”

Gruden’s success in Oakland will be tied to Carr. I wrote it in the summer and I stand by it.

There was speculation about the Raiders potentially drafting a quarterback in the spring.

Personally, I find it hard to believe Gruden would willingly put himself through another offseason teaching someone his complicated offense.

If Carr went through growing pains, imagine what a rookie would do. Especially this class, which isn’t spoken highly of.

Whether he meant what he said, or meant to shoot down the idea of drafting a quarterback, here is what Gruden told reporters on Wednesday about Carr’s growth and future.

“I don’t know what else to say,” Gruden said. “Some people…you’re entitled to write what you want about us looking for another quarterback. Derek Carr is a great quarterback. He can play with…like I said it doesn’t matter who the running back is, who the guards are, who the receivers are. The guy is a heck of a player. When you got a quarterback in this league, you have a chance I always say.”

This thing, whatever you want to call this season, was a disaster.

In the NFL though, it can change.

The Cleveland Browns were 0-16 last year and are now in playoff contention.

These next three games, while you may want the higher draft pick, are big for Raiders fans optimism heading into the offseason.

Imagine if Carr continues to grow and puts up numbers that land him in the top tier of quarterback? You, the fans, have optimism for next season.

Something you didn’t have two weeks ago.

Raider Gridiron / Martavis Bryant suspended for substance abuse
« on: December 14, 2018, 07:19:39 PM »
 Martavis Bryant has been suspended indefinitely for violating the NFL policy on substance abuse.

The NFL announced Friday that Bryant has violated the terms of his conditional reinstatement in April 2017 and has been placed back on the suspended list for an indefinite period of time.

Bryant is currently on injured reserve with a knee injury. He is in the final year of his contract and eligible for free agency next year.

Raider Gridiron / Raiders Can Run The Table......Here's Why
« on: December 13, 2018, 05:11:26 PM »
I'm calling my shot.  :beer

Cincinnati Bengals

This week the Raiders slide into Cinci. These two teams are headed in different trajectories. Bengals will be parting ways with their head coach after this season. Their best players are on IR. The Bengals players have packed it in.

Raiders 20
Bengals 17

Denver Broncos.

This is a Divisional game and it will be a war. Week 3 Raiders lost by 1 point in Denver. This is a different Raider team in many ways since the last Denver game plus it's at home and it's on Monday nite. Going to be different this time around.

Raiders 24
Broncos 17

Kansas City.

I know what you're thinking...... ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?????? Sometimes I think so, but not this time. Last week of the season the Chiefs will have nothing to play for and will be resting their players. We catch em at a good time and go into Arrowhead and get the W.

Raiders 27
Chiefs 24


Joe Mixon had one of the best games of his career in yet another Bengals loss — making it seven of their past eight, and counting. He sees no reason to slow down even as another season slips away in Cincinnati.

"Right now, we are down but we ain't out, so that's how I'm approaching it," the second-year running back said. "I'm going to approach it like we're in."

Technically, the last-place Bengals (5-8) aren't eliminated from playoff contention despite their third-longest losing streak in coach Marvin Lewis' 16 seasons. They could still get the AFC North title if they win out and the Steelers, Ravens and Browns all fall apart the rest of the way.

A loss Sunday to the Raiders (3-10) would eliminate the pretense and leave Cincinnati with a third straight losing season and a lot of big questions to address in the offseason: Does Lewis stay? Who's the next defensive coordinator? Will anything really change so long as Mike Brown runs the franchise?

By contrast, the Raiders are already in next-year mode. Following a 24-21 win over the Steelers , they fired general manager Reggie McKenzie and launched into a front-office reshuffle in preparation for coach Jon Gruden's second season back with the Raiders.

They don't have a general manager and they're not sure where they'll be playing next season before moving to Las Vegas in 2020, but all that's for later. First, they have to finish a season in flux.

"When you get here, it's just rainbows and butterflies because you made it to the NFL," quarterback Derek Carr said. "All of a sudden, you get new friends every year. I think I've counted I've had like 27 different people in the locker next to me in five years. It just shows you how tough this business is."

Some things to watch Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium:


Carr has found a comfort zone in Gruden's offense. He began the season overly aggressive, throwing eight interceptions in the first five games. Then he got overly cautious, failing to complete a pass of more than 10 yards twice in a span of three games.

He's finally gotten a balance.

Carr has gone a franchise-record eight straight games without an interception and has regained his deep touch. He completed nine passes that traveled at least 15 yards downfield the past two games against Kansas City and Pittsburgh, equaling his total from his previous six games combined. Now he's facing the NFL's worst defense.

"I feel more confident in our system," Carr said. "I feel like my reads are quicker. I feel like I can get through things and eliminate things faster. That feels better."


The Raiders come into the game with major questions on the offensive line. Starting left tackle Kelechi Osemele missed last week's game with a toe injury. Starting right tackle Gabe Jackson is dealing with an elbow injury.

Backup Jon Feliciano was placed on injured reserve with a calf injury, leaving Chaz Green and Denver Kirkland as potential options against Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap and the rest of the Bengals.

"I know that both of them are as tough as they come and if there's a will, there's a way," Gruden said. "They have the will, I know that. We'll just hope for the best."


Paul Guenther left Cincinnati after 13 years on Lewis' staff, including the last four as defensive coordinator, to join Gruden's staff. He knows the Bengals' offense, which is struggling mightily with quarterback Andy Dalton and receiver A.J. Green out for the season because of injuries.

Guenther also is very familiar with Jeff Driskel, who makes his third NFL start in Dalton's place. The Bengals expect Guenther to try to disguise blitzes and coverages to throw off Driskel.

"I know whenever you're going against a quarterback who hasn't played much, as a defense you're always looking forward to it," Bengals linebacker Vincent Rey said.


Mixon had a career-high 26 carries for 111 yards during a 26-21 loss to the Chargers in Los Angeles. He also caught a team-high five passes, becoming the focal point of Cincinnati's depleted offense. The Bengals plan to lean on him heavily in the final three games. The Raiders know he's the one to stop.

"Man, he's good," Gruden said. "He's a great slash. He can stop and start. He has power. He's a good receiver. He's a good blitz pickup guy. He's putting it together in Cincinnati."


A small crowd is expected for the Bengals' final home game. They've gone 3-4 at Paul Brown Stadium before some of the smallest crowds in its history. Their average of 51,673 is the second-smallest attendance since the 65,535-seat stadium opened in 2000.

Read more here:


When you have been an NFL head coach for almost 16 seasons, you’ll likely have built a wide coaching tree, and you’ll probably end up with numerous former players circulating around the league.

This week is almost like a family reunion for Marvin Lewis though.

The Raiders have taken on quite a few former-Bengals of late; they even employ a former coach that was with the team for over a decade, and it is something Lewis seems to enjoy talking about.

“[Paul Guenther] did a fine job here. Since he came here with us in 2004, he hustled, did a lot of different things here and did a good job at all of them,” Lewis told reporters Wednesday. “They’ve morphed around defensively this year with the things they’re doing, but they’ve kind of settled in. Obviously, he had great experience coaching against Pittsburgh, so I thought they did a nice job of getting guys to understand, and they played well.”

Of course, Bengals fans are familiar with Guenther, as he took over the defensive coordinator position for the Bengals when Mike Zimmer became the head coach for the Vikings in 2014. The fact he bounced around as a positional coach with the team since 2004 is probably something most casual fans don’t know.

Guenther really put in the time, so it was a little strange when he opted to move on to the Raiders this offseason for the same position when Cincinnati wanted him back. It probably would’ve saved the Bengals plenty of trouble as his replacement, Teryl Austin, didn’t even manage to last an entire season before getting the boot.

Although, Guenther hasn’t fared that well so far in Oakland either. He was dealt a poor hand when the Raiders opted to trade away Khalil Mack before the season, but Oakland has been so bad, it is hard to blame it all on Mack. The Raiders are ranked 31st in scoring and run defense this year.

Guenther won’t be the only familiar face that Lewis’ Bengals will be going up against on Sunday, though. The Raiders also employ AJ McCarron, Frostee Rucker and Emmanuel Lamur — and those are just the active players. They also have Leon Hall, Reggie Nelson, Justin Murray and Brandon LaFell on injured reserve.

“Obviously Leon and Reggie came out of the same draft. We got Reggie here in 2010, and Leon here in ’07. They had a huge impact on the Darqueze’s (Bengals CB Darqueze Dennard) and Dre’s (Bengals CB (Dre Kirkpatrick) of the world,” Lewis said. “Those guys were great mentors as pros, but now they’re both on IR. Frostee (Rucker) is still playing — he came here in 2004. Emmanuel Lamur (was here) in 2012. They have some guys playing who have been here. (Justin) Murray, who was here during training camp and the end of last season. They have quite a few ex-Bengals.”

It was clear that the Raiders and head coach Jon Gruden knew they were going to have a very young team, so they brought in plenty of experience and great mentorship by adding the Bengals they did. It is a shame we won’t get to see guys like Hall and Nelson, who were such big contributors during their time with the Bengals, play on Sunday. It is also pretty incredible that Rucker is even still around.

“Frostee should write (former Bengals DT) John Thornton a check and say, ‘Thank you, John, for keeping me going and helping me learn how to be a pro’ (laughs). You have to give Frostee credit,” Marvin Lewis said of his former defensive lineman. “I’m telling you, he’s worked his tail off to be still playing like this. You’re happy for him. We picked the right guy, obviously, for him to still be playing like he is right now. But going back to talking about mentors, John Thornton was a great mentor for Frostee.

“The league was going to make it even harder [for Rucker to stick around in the NFL for so long]. Everyone was trying to make it harder. But to his credit, he overcame it. It’s what you do once you’re here that counts. I think that’s important.”

People always make a big deal about the high-profile players playing for so long, but sometimes, the most impressive thing is when a player like Rucker can manage to continue to find role’s on NFL rosters year after year. It takes plenty of commitment to keeping your body in pristine condition in order to play that long, and Rucker sure has done that.

Lewis clearly still has some great memories of his former coaches and players. Hopefully, he is able to have them leave Cincinnati with loss as a going away gift.

Posted by Mike Florio on December 12, 2018, 6:43 PM EST

From the moment the Raiders gave coach Jon Gruden a 10-year, $100 million contract (reportedly, maybe not actually), it became clear that Gruden is running the show. Gruden still tries from time to time to create the impression that he isn’t fully and firmly in charge of the football operation, possibly in order to preserve the ability to blame others for misjudgments that otherwise trace to him.

Regardless, any lingering cover Gruden may have had (none) is now gone, thanks to comments from owner Mark Davis about the looming search for a new G.M.

“One of the issues we have right now is when you’re dealing with player personnel and the General Managers, they’re on a different schedule than the football team is,” Davis said. “The General Manager sees an end basically in April or May after they’ve drafted the players and after they’ve gotten through the first series of free agency. So right now, there’s a lot of people that are on other teams that may be suitable for the Raiders, but we can’t talk to them, and we won’t be able to talk to them until May or so. So right now we’re limited to talking to people who are not on other teams or in the college ranks or something of that nature. That’s the interesting part of this.”

But the Raiders aren’t limited by any timeline; teams routinely hire General Managers in January. The Raiders are limited by the power that the G.M. would have.

That’s the real impediment to hiring a G.M. in January. Any executive under contract with another team can be blocked from interviewing with the Raiders unless the job entails power that otherwise is held by Gruden. Davis, then, is saying that they may wait until after the draft, when contracts potentially expire and/or potentially viable candidates for the Oakland job get hired.

Davis also is saying, without saying it, that Gruden has all the power that a traditional G.M. would possess.

It means that the Raiders may not have a G.M. through the 2019 draft, one in which the Raiders possess three first-round picks. Then again, they have Gruden. Which means that, as a practical matter, they already have their G.M.

Raider Gridiron / I Downloaded This Back In The Day
« on: December 13, 2018, 12:12:39 AM »
And put it in a binder. It's cool to have this.

It's still floating on the net in case you want to also download it. Gotta lot of pages so you might want to print it out at work.  ;D


Raider Gridiron / Fixing the Oakland Raiders (PODCAST)
« on: December 12, 2018, 10:55:04 PM »
Matt and Connor have their work cut out for them as they not only fix the Oakland Raiders but lay out the top general manager candidates list to work with head coach Jon Gruden. Later on, they close out the show with your #DraftonDraft questions

Raider Gridiron / NFL draft headed to Las Vegas in 2020
« on: December 12, 2018, 05:15:39 PM »
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced Wednesday that Las Vegas will host the 2020 draft -- the first time the city has ever hosted the event. The decision comes a year and a half after the league approved the Oakland Raiders relocation to Las Vegas.

Vegas as the draft's location was formally approved during the Winter League Meeting in Arlington, Texas, on Wednesday.

"The NFL Draft is one of the most-anticipated events of the year and we are excited to take it to Las Vegas," Goodell said in a statement. "We look forward to working with the Raiders, Las Vegas officials and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to create an unforgettable week-long celebration of football for our fans, the incoming prospects and partners."

Las Vegas marks the fifth different location to play host to the draft in as many years. The 2019 draft is slated to take place in Nashville after the 2018 event was held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. The 2017 draft took place in Philadelphia, and Chicago hosted it in 2015 and 2016.

"The Raiders are very excited for Las Vegas and are proud to help host the 2020 NFL Draft," Raiders owner Mark Davis said. "Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and will provide a tremendous experience for the NFL and its fans."

NEW YORK (AP) The NFL salary cap will increase by roughly 6 percent in 2019 to a threshold of up to $191.1 million per team, the league announced Tuesday.

The 2018 cap is $177.2 million. Next season's cap will be ''in the range of $187.0 million to $191.1 million,'' the league tweeted.

The salary cap has increased by roughly $10 million per season since 2013, when it was $123 million. ''Another sign of the NFL's continued success and growth,'' league spokesman Brian McCarthy tweeted in the announcement.

Player salaries are tied to league revenue under the collective bargaining agreement, and continued revenue growth could be a sticking point in negotiations over a new CBA. Players receive less than 50 percent of league revenue under the 10-year labor deal signed in 2011.

Raider Gridiron / HEY V
« on: December 11, 2018, 07:56:20 PM »
I will fight to the death... for you to have the right to state your opinion. No matter how much I disagree with it. It's what makes a forum a forum. We need different opinions to expand our thinking and make us think of things we may not have thought. If we didn't have that, we'd all be leading each other around by the dick. And frankly, the thought of you touching my dick is so disturbing to me on soooo many levels.  :o

Nobody here hates you V. Dislikes? Probably.

There is no way going into the squeels game you wanted the Raiders to win. You wanted us to not only lose, but get blown out...... so you could ride in saying....


And none of your next thousand word denial will ever convince anyone here that you wanted the Raiders to win. You've done that to yourself.
Take heart however, you didn't get to gloat this week, maybe your Raiders will get blown out this week.




7 YEARS:  39 W....70 L.

« on: December 11, 2018, 07:24:28 PM »
Good or bad, thought this would be a good topic.

Mine would be in 2000 when we went into gaycee as decided underdogs. Queefs beat us that week 17 game, they win the division.

Raiders win on a late field goal. I'm trying to remember who the kicker was back then but it escapes me. That year if memory is correct, we were going through field goal kicker problems at the time.

That was the game I new the Raiders had arrived.

You guys got any memories that stand out from back in the day?

« on: December 11, 2018, 06:34:27 PM »
Wednesday, 11:00 PM Central time.

“I think Shaun Herock will be a big part of this,” Gruden said Monday at his weekly press conference. “He’s a very talented personnel man, he has a lot of Raider history. We’re going to lean on him . . . I expect him to be a big part of this organization going forward, honestly.”

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